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Management Consulting
We focus the “Potential” of your company to build the best journey for your organization enhancement and performance optimization through our strategy and operational intervention.
Business Turn & Growth
We assess your company to understand your own vision and targets to turn your business into a solid and continuous success to overcome the challenge of competitiveness.
We build your corporate strategy on the basis of the Circular Economy and ESG principles and we plan your future business through a fully-Sustainable organization.
We develop your Innovation strategy and roadmap to be ahead of your competitors in winning the challenge for the future. The NV Group Innovation Team combines our Know-How in Lean and Industry 4.0 to develop "cutting-edge" solution to win the challenge of the future.
Lean Strategy & Lean Management
A “taylor-made” Lean Strategy for your own company to make you discover how to build a withstanding value for your business and achieve impressive results through an effective Lean Journey.
Lean Leaders Coaching
We build the foundation for your Lean Transformation on the people empowerment and growth. As the cultural, mindset and behavioural change is “key” to make your transformation a real success.
Digital Transformation
Our holistic Smart-Lean program for improvement includes the Industry 4.0 conversion that we plan and run considering the full picture of all the value chain stages of your business.
Academy & Lab
Our Smart-Lean Academy, as a real Factory Lab, helps you to practice your next generation business environment, to learn "How To" move from your current state to the best practice in both Lean and Digital Transformation. As Lean Digital Factory we also hosts the Lab where we develop our Innovative solutions and where you can experiment your challenging ideas for your Smart-Lean application. 
Your single point of reference
Passion, commitment and determination aim at the success of those companies that trust us, Our purpose means to give them the opportunity to refer to only one partner, from the strategy setting till all the operations improvement, thanks to our high-skilled know-how and expertise in Consulting, Training, Coaching, and Smart-Lean Transformation full implementation (our original WCI 4.0® Program).
Improving your business way
Guiding, developing and supporting our Clients towards Innovation, continuous improvement and the pursuit of their own basic value is our  main purpose. We support and lead our Clients to discover and strengthen all their potential for making them to achieve the maximum business results and profitability.

Worldwide Collaborations
The constant renovation of our know-how comes from the partnerships and the cultural exchanges with multinational companies where we apply our challenging solutions so as we can continuously improve our quality standards and the effectiveness of our programs. Sharing the best practices is our permanent mindset to keep our approach always open and ready to new challenges and experiences.
NV ReShape
NV ReShape aims to relaunch your company, to value the potential of your business which has not been valorized yet. ReShape is your partner to manage investment in company to create added-value for the shareholders.
The ReShape Team solve “Special Situations” and support you through M&A, Extraordinary Operations to set your corporate Strategy for the future and build a strategic planning targeted to turn your company into a fully competitive player in your market.
New Value
New Value is your consulting & training partner for your Supply Chain Strategy and the Operations Excellence. NV aims the optimization of the organization in both Industry and Services businesses. NV develops high level Smart-Lean Programs to move from the strategy to a successful application and transform People, Organization and Processes accordingly.
Lean Lab Solutions
As Solution Integrator, LLS has the role of “Executor“ of the Smart-Lean transformation. LLS deals with the design and implementation in strict cooperation with the NV Consulting Team, so as to produce a highly effective taylor-made physical  implemented solution to perfectly meet the expected results by the Improvement Journey. The “success key” is the Smart-Lean know-how and expertise shared between the NV Consulting Team (methodology) and the LLS Engineering Team (Tech Solutions).
Smart-Lean Academy
Our Academy is the ideal laboratory for understanding how the Smart-Lean Transformation has to work. Our Academy experience is based on action-learning approach where the attendees work on an actual process following step-by-step the journey to change it from the initial condition to the final Smart-Lean (both Lean and industry 4.0 compliant). Our Lean Digital Factory hosts this exciting experience and operates as a Lab too to experiment Innovative solutions for the Smart-Lean application.
Value Digit
Value Digit is the Next-Generation Digital provider within NV Group. Value Digit develops high-tech software solutions to sustain the Digital Transformation directly linked to the New Value Consulting Team to perfectly fit the transformation goals and make the Industry 4.0 conversion a real success.
Working together to deliver value to your business
We bring culture and results thanks to the development and use of the highest quality, innovation and environmental sustainability processes.
Excellence, passion, concreteness, reliability and determination are just some of the values we share with every Client on the route of its Business development.
About us
A consulting & training company with headquarters in Italy and Singapore. The long-lasting in Business Development, consolidated in many years of worldwide work with our Customers, allows us to share our know-how and expertise with a wide range of business, belonging to different industrial, commercial or service sectors. Our strong experience in WCM, Lean and Digital Transformation allows us to develop for you a solid program for your Supply Chain and Operations excellence.
Excellence, Responsibility, Dedication and great Results Achievement are the primary Strengths we deliver and guarantee to our Clients.
NVG in the World
Worldwide collaborations with leading companies combine both the global and local scenarios in order to challenge the markets complexity and meet the results expectations.
Turning the business of our Customers and generate a systematic practice for continuous people growth and process improvement.
By operating across different areas of Industries and Services in both private and public sectors, we achieve great results in improving our Customer organization performances.
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